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NRG Systems manufactures complete wind measurement systems: tilt-up towers, instruments, and sensors that measure and analyze wind speed, direction and other environmental data important to siting and operating wind energy projects. Since 1982, NRG Systems' products have been the choice of industry professionals and turbine manufacturers worldwide. Our products can be found on every continent, in more than 135 countries around the world. We deliver our products via surface freight free of charge.


Our Tall-Towers are made of large diameter, thin wall steel tubes, and are easy and less expensive to transport to remote sites where they can be setup simply.


NRG Systems' Data Loggers not only collect wind speed and direction, but also make it easy for you to access and use this information from anywhere in the world with the tools you already use to do business.


NRG Sensors are engineered to be rugged, yet elegantly simple devices that consistently provide accurate wind data. Designed exclusively for the wind energy industry. Available in standard and heated models.


NRG Systems' LiDAR remote sensor is the most lightweight, portable LiDAR available on the market today. Used in wind resource assessment and wind farm performance monitoring, our easy-to-use LiDAR system provides complete wind profiles at heights up to 200 meters.


NRG Systems offers a full line of accessories for your system, allowing a complete and accurate picture of weather conditions at your site. Cables, communication modules, anchors, booms and more.

Energy3 Climbable Lattice Masts

The construction of wind turbines with increasing height lead to the need to build taller masts. To meet the changing market conditions, Energy3 preferably builds lattice masts instead of tilt-up towers with heights of up to 140 m.

Energy3 Masts are designed for New Zealand conditions and manufactured in New Zealand.


Masts are tilt up erection with a gin pole; avoiding the need for cranes or helicopters.


Masts are climbable for instrument maintenance and fitted with climbing pegs and fall arrestor.


Masts are supplied as hot dipped galvanised steel structures.

30m Extreme Mast (PDF)

50m Extreme Mast (PDF)

60m Extreme Mast (PDF)

80m Extreme Mast (PDF)

Mast Enquiry Form (PDF)

Energy3 Climbable Ice Rated Masts

Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, Monitoring and Remote Power Supply

Energy3 Services has extensive experience with a variety of different tilt up masts, a variety of instruments, and a variety of communication technologies. This experience gives us confidence to tackle any mast and or instrument installation, inspection, maintenance or monitoring program.

  • Tilt up masts up to 80m

  • Cup, 2D, 3D anemometers, wind vanes, temperature / pressure sensors

  • Cell phone, radio and satellite communications

Our monitoring software has been designed to remotely register when any instrument is not functioning correctly; alerting developers to the need for maintenance to protect site data acquisition and integrity. Energy3 personnel are equally well equipped to inspect and maintain masts and instruments under preventative maintenance schedules (generally recommended at 6 monthly intervals) or for more urgent repairs.


Energy3 has also designed, constructed and operates remote power supplies for LiDAR systems. These power packs must be capable of delivering significant power levels consistently to the LiDAR Unit as well as the selected communication system. Additional consideration must be given to deployment logistics if these systems are to be used in rough terrain.

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