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How to Register Your Interest

Energy3 Limited is interested in developing Distributed Wind Farms in partnership with landowners.

Distributed Wind Farms are characterised by being relatively small (0.5-5MW) and connected into the local lines distribution network (as opposed to Transpower)

Typically, we will:

  • Identify an area with good quality wind resources, close to existing local electricity lines with good access

  • Approach the landowner to investigate whether they are interested in a small scale wind farm development

  • Sign a letter of intent which gives Energy3 the exclusive right to undertake further development work on the property for a 3 year period while protecting the landowners interests

Energy3 makes provision in its arrangements with landowners to involve them in the development if they wish as an equity owner alongside Energy3.

Energy3 offers an initial free evaluation of the suitability of potential sites for wind farm development.

If you have a site which you believe is suitable for Distributed Wind Farm Development, or you would like to develop your own Distributed Wind farm, please fill out the contact form below.



Postal Address:

P.O. Box 17563



Thanks for your request. Someone from our Support Team will be with you as soon as possible.

Contact Form

Company History and People

Energy3 Services was founded in 2005, specialising in the research and quantification of renewable resources, and the installation of renewable energy generation technologies. The founding members of Energy3 have a wide range of skills and experiences, and include; Oil and Gas, Electrical Infrastructure, Environmental Monitoring, Software Development, Agricultural Data Analysis, Meteorological Assessment, Data Management, and Data Analysis.
The main business focal point is environmental monitoring for the purpose of renewable energy development, this encapsulates conventional meteorological monitoring from meteorological towers, but also includes a high degree of experience in LIDAR and SODAR measurement technologies.
Energy3 Services has designed, built, and installed a wide range of met towers for wind farm resource assessment since 2005, including logging equipment and communications. It has also provided LIDAR power supplies and associated services since 2008.


Tom founded Energy3 in 2005. Tom initially worked as an arable farm manager for 5 years, following this he worked in the UK as a financial analyst and was involved in the emerging bio- energy sector. On return to New Zealand in 2000 before forming Energy3, he worked as a contract financial analyst, and also as a consultant in the wind energy sector. Tom has a Bachelors of Commerce and Management from Lincoln University. Tom's expertise is wind assessment, financial modeling for development sites and turbine maintenance and servicing.


Warren joined Energy3 in 2008 and has 15 years experience in advising and investing in infrastructure assets, principally in electricity generation and distribution. He has worked as a commercial lawyer in New Zealand and an investment banker for Macquarie Bank in New Zealand and Canada. Warren returned to New Zealand in 2004 where he has worked as a financial consultant on renewable energy projects and investment fund establishment. He is currently a director of Buller Electricity Limited. Warren has Bachelors of Commerce and Laws from the University of Canterbury and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Hawaii. Warren's expertise is commercial structuring of projects, financing and investment management.

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